A Twist in the Road: The Black City
Continuity Extended
Genre adventure, mystery, romance
Rating The most it will be is PG.
Chapters No final total, yet.
Author Jewelist
Editor(s) Jewelist
Status Work in progress.

Not even Theresa could predict who Sparrow would meet while he was in Bloodstone to collect the third Hero, and little does Sparrow know that his journey will not end when he defeats Lucien, but rather, he will embark on a new one. This time, instead of seeking vengeance, he will search for answers and love. But of course, Sparrow will have to fight for it all, in and out of the Albion he grew up in. Between his new found friends, enemies, ancestors, and descendants, will Sparrow find the two things he is looking for?

Story[edit | edit source]

Sparrow has just returned from his ten long years in the Spire, tackled Wraithmarsh for the first time, and is at last in Bloodstone. While in the process of playing Reaver's popularity game, he comes across a warning about the Black City. Unaware of whether or not that the warning is genuine, Sparrow puts it into the back of his mind, knowing he should first focus on the task at hand, but it will be slightly difficult to do so after a trip to Wraithmarsh with his new companion...

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Chapter Title
Chapter One A New Companion
Chapter Two A Remarkable Change
Chapter Three The Dark Seal
Chapter Four Sacrifice to the Shadow Court
Chapter Five Reaver's Rear Passage
Chapter Six A Recollection of Memories
Chapter Seven Circle of Heroes
Chapter Eight The End Is A New Beginning
Chapter Nine An Untimely Name
Chapter Ten Stories, Stars, and Wishes
Chapter Eleven [[]]
Chapter Twelve [[]]
Chapter Thirteen [[]]
Chapter Fourteen [[]]
Chapter Fifteen [[]]
Chapter Sixteen [[]]
Chapter Seventeen [[]]
Chapter Eighteen [[]]
Chapter Nineteen [[]]
Chapter Twenty [[]]
Chapter Twenty-One [[]]
Chapter Twenty-Two [[]]

Author's Note:[edit | edit source]

Hello, I'm Jewel. My fan-fiction will be making direct references to Fable games, mainly Fable II. However, the Black City is completely of my own creation, as well as a few characters(who are not listed, due to spoilers and whatnot). As of right now, I don't believe I'll be hinting at anything involving Fable: The Journey. If I do, I will edit this. I have only played I, II, and III. But many thanks to this wiki, I can read up on The Lost Chapters, The Journey, and so on. I want my information to be as accurate as possible. :)

Also, I would just like to throw out that I have the old version of this fan-fiction on fanfiction.net, and soon this updated and newly edited version will be on wattpad.com as well. On each site, I am Jewelist.

Thank you if you take the time to read my story, I really appreciate it!

Questions?[edit | edit source]

If you're confused about anything, please, feel free to ask and I'll explain the best as I can. When writing, I try to make everything as clear as possible, but I'm certainly not perfect. I hope you enjoy!

Characters[edit | edit source]

I am only listing my original characters. This will update as the fan-fiction introduces them. Assume any Fable characters from any game might show up throughout the story.

  • Phoebe
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