Alice Dea
Alice, the Black Widow
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Being of the Void.
Gender Female.
Faction Temple of Shadows, Dampier Crime Family.
Relatives Hallik (ancestor).
Relationships Layla Crossgrove (captain).
Home Darkwood.
Status Alive.

Alice Dea is an former disciple of the Temple of Shadows, a skilled sorceress, and currently an affiliate of the Dampier Crime Family under the order, and guidance, of Captain Layla Crossgrove.


Alice has straight black hair, a widow's peak and dark, hollow eyes. Her palour is sickly and white, and her frame is spidery. She wears black, with maybe some accents of red or green, but her attire mostly consists of a ribbed corset, floor-sweeping skirt and a black cloak with a cowl. Alice has long nails, that are rumoured to be laced with balvorn venom.


Alice's past is shrouded in mystery. All anyone has really been able to find out, is that she is distantly descended from the dark Will-user Hallik, who was known for creating the Summoners. Alice was approached by Layla Crossgrove after the latter heard of massacre inflicted by the Black Widow, a nickname of Alice Dea's.


Alice Dea is not known for her talkative nature, or her warm smile. She is Layla Crossgrove's most trusted lieutenant because she remains quiet, and does as she is instructed. Though this is not to suggest she is weak, for it is quite the opposite when Alice is concerned. She is particularly deadly with the Blades and Force Push spells, and rarely uses any melee weapons.


Alice Dea is an original character created for the storyline of Siege of Samarkand, and is not available for general reprint, usage and editing, without proper consent and agreed upon reasoning for terms of use. Please respect this copyright, Henry Winstone 12:36, January 20, 2012 (UTC)