Altair de Leonhardt
Altair, Prince of Albion
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Male.
Faction Heroes Guild.
Relatives Aamina (mother), Richard de Leonhardt (father), Kalin (aunt), Logan (uncle), Rose (great aunt), Hero of Bowerstone (grandmother), Hero of Southcliff (great-grandfather), Hero of Oakvale (ancestor), Theresa (ancestor), Brom (ancestor), Scarlet Robe (ancestor), William Black (ancestor).
Relationships Ghassan (tutor), Khayr-ud-Din (tutor).
Enemies Da Zhong, Qing-nian.
Home Aurora.
Status Alive.
Altair de Leonhardt is the Prince of Albion and son to Hero King Richard de Leonhardt, and Lady Aamina, famous warrior and sister to the Auroran Chieftain, Kalin. He is of the William Black's noble blood, and as such, a full-blooded Hero.


Seven Years OldEdit

Altair has olive toned skin, a round face with mahogany hair and chrome coloured eyes. His boundless energy is clear in his permanent smile, his upper lip resembling the bow of Cupid.

Seventeen Years OldEdit

Altair has grown into a handsome young man. He has a lithe, atheltic frame with suitable amount of muscle from his years learning combat. He has broad shoulders and a small waist, a strong jaw and a dimple in his chin. From his years in Aurora, freckles have dusted his cheeks.

Forty Years LaterEdit

During the epilogue of "Into the Woods", Altair has reached the distinguished age of fifty-seven. He has since married a Daughter of Albion, and has had two daughters and a son of his own. He has grown strong of physique, and his dark hair has turned to salt and pepper.


Siege of Samarkand ArcEdit

During the events of Siege of Samarkand, Altair is seven years old. At such an impressionable age, King Richard and Lady Aamina both agreed that Altair needed to undergo lessons in combat and the ways of the world. Thus began his teachings with Ghassan and High Priest Khayr-ud-Din.

Into the Woods ArcEdit

The centres around a seventeen year old Altair, being ten years after the events of Siege of Samarkand. His lessons with Ghassan and Khayr-ud-Din have come to an end, and now Altair is taking up study within Brightwall Academy.

Teen Altair

Altair, seventeen.

Horrible rumours have drifted on the winds about the neighbouring hamlet, Albrighton. Amidst its high walls, and intricate gardens, scores of young women have been disappearing. The people are in a need of a Hero, and Altair is one such lad who can answer their call.


Altair is cocky, impatient, reckless and arrogant at times. But he takes responsibility for his actions, and dutifully does what is needed of him, not only because he knows its right, but because his actions do not just affect him. He shows high levels of intelligence, able to retain large amounts of information like multiple combat techniques, willpower stances and the vast quantities of available knowledge within the halls of Brightwall Academy; physics, literature, poetry, mathematics and astrology. He has a thurst for the world around him, and because of the time it takes to acurately learn everything, leads to his impatient outbursts, temper tantrums and frustration.


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