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Bandit Coast
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The Bandit Coast was a bandit infested territory on the west coast of Albion. It was notorious for literally being filled with Bandit fortresses and as a result, people tended to avoid the area. This cut off a major route between Brightwood and Westcliff which resulted in merchants resorting to using ships to travel from Bloodstone to Westcliff. The result of this was an increase in pirate activity which left both trade routes cut off which in turn led to a steadily decreasing economy for both areas. To put an end to the destabilization of Bloodstone and Westcliff, King Lionheart traveled to the Bandit Coast personally to begin a campaign against the Bandits. In just three days, Lionheart had succeeded in cleansing the area and had the Bandit fortresses destroyed to be replaced with a series of military outposts which formed a protective nest. He also established a shipyard and naval base in the area which retained its' age old name. Once he'd freed the Bandit Coast of Bandits, he used his naval base as a starting point of his campaign against the pirates and after a month, Pirate activity in the area was erased resulting in the rebirth of strong trade routes.