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Lord James stood at the fireplace in his study in deep thought when his son Edmund entered the room "Father the carriage is here are you ready?" Lord James turned to his eldest son and nodded "Lets just get this over with." He said as they left the room. Jane and Edward were standing at the bottom of the main staircase with King Sparrow beside them. James turned to each of his children and told them not to be upset they were not mourning their grandmothers death but celebrating her life "The carriage is ready for off." The pallbearer said to James. James looked at his three children then turned and walked out of the main hall.

The funeral cortege made its way through the northern end of Driffield before arriving at the Sanctuary of Avo. As the service progressed. Lord James stood up to give his eulogy.

"My mother Lady Anne Blacksmith was beloved by the people of Driffield, Oakfield and her family she spoilt her grandchildren Edmund, Jane, Elizabeth and Edward but she also planned their lives for them a plan that never came to fruition she planned first for Elizabeth to marry the son of the Duke of Southcliff despite them both not wanting to marry the other Elizabeth of course is now the Queen of Albion. Her plans for the other three would never happen because of her death. She will be missed dearly by many but lets not wallow in sadness lets celebrate he life" James returned to his seat for the rest of the service.

Back at Blacksmith Manor James and his son Edmund were in the study "We need to plan this carefully if anyone finds out about this father then we are both dead." James took a sip of his drink "Edmund no one will know about this as long as we take our time and not rush it." Edmund looked at his father " Well your Majesty lets prepare of the new dawn." he said with a chuckle.

Sparrow was talking to Jane and Edward when a guard from Bowerstone approached him "Your majesty I bring glad news from Her Majesty the Queen, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy last night." Sparrow smiled at Edward and Jane "CONGRATULATIONS TO THE KING AND QUEEN." they both shouted, James and Edmund descended the staircase "Why are you two shouting?" he asked his two children "Lord James." Sparrow said "Your daughter Elizabeth delivered a baby boy last night, Abion has an heir and you have a grandson." James smiled but in his mind he had to change his an.

News of the heirs birth spread around the manor with many people congratulating the King or to provide names for the child. "The Queen will have no doubt given him a name by now." He said to each person "Besides we narrowed it down to two names Logan and Henry."

As the guests left the manor to return home James and Edmund waved off the king "Looks like you will need to change your plan now father." He said as his father looked at him "I started changing it once I got the news and once the King and Queen is dealt with I Will only have Princess Elizabeth and the new prince sort out."

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