Fable Fanon
Fable Fanon
Coined Heroes Series
Continuity Alternative
Author Blaid
Status Discontinued

The Coined Heroes Series is an AU of Fable III that introduces another family descended of William Black and they are believed to be direct descendent of the Archon that activated the Spire for the first time, a family of three siblings with the oldest brother whom is mentioned to be learning the ropes to take over the Duchy of Avalon, meanwhile the youngest brother is revealed to be General of the Albion Elite Forces and Marshall of the Entire of Albion's Army.



  • Sparrow Lionhead - The First King of Albion since William Black, known as the Hero of Bowerstone whom killed Lucien Fairfax, using his influence he hunted down those loyal to Lucien's former regime and created the Kingdom of Albion. He announced a new Era and Time-line System: Rise Kingdom Albion (RKA), building up his nation's armies and economy, he and his spouse are presently deceased.
  • Logan Lionhead - The First Prince and current Tyrant King of Albion, he is the Supreme Commander of Albion's Military and a former adventurer in his youth, four years prior he learned about The Crawler and has been building up Albion's defences since.
  • Christopher "Chris" Lionhead - The Second Prince of Albion and later the Hero of Brightwall, he comes to lead a revolution in Albion and later learns of The Crawler whom he prepares to face, to do this he overthrows his brother and becomes King of Albion.
  • Lukas Kelsey - The Duke of Avalon and one of the Hero King's oldest friends, currently he is taking his remaining time to mentor his eldest in the role of leading Avalon, for the time of his passing and currently is quite sickly. (Mentioned only)
  • Landry Kelsey - The Oldest son of the Duke of Avalon and the Heir to the Duchy, being taught the ways of governance and so is unavailable for the Royal Court, therefore his brother now takes the mantle of dealing with the pressures of the Royal Court with his assistant. (Mentioned only)
  • Nathaniel "Nathan" Kelsey - The Youngest Son of the Duke of Avalon and an "Anti-Hero" of Albion, a well trusted military and political confident of the Throne, he is later revealed to be the childhood friend and crush of Christopher Lionhead.
  • Sir Walter Beck - A Warrior of the Crown and former Army man, former advisor of Logan and Christopher's combat teacher, he is currently a secret Revolutionary Leader.