Crimson Robe
Created by Solar Dragon
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Crimson Robe is a friend of the legendary hero Scarlet Robe. He trained to become a hero alongside her. While Scarlet Robe was hailed for defeating a White Balverine, Crimson was booed, as he was the one who released the White Balverine from its ancient tomb.

Childhood Edit

Crimson Robe was the only child of a gypsy. His mother died during childbirth and he was raised in the Heroes' Guild and became friends with Scarlet Robe there. Together they made it through training and graduated from the guild.

Life as a Hero Edit

Crimson Robe and Scarlet Robe decided to travel off together. When they got to the town of Oakvale, Scarlet Robe had a child with Brom. This child would grow up to be a legendary hero. Scarlet Robe left without telling Crimson Robe and Crimson lived in Oakvale for a while.

Eventually, Scarlet Robe came back for Crimson and they went to Knothole Glade where they became loved. Crimson Robe accidentally released a White Balverine from its tomb which then attacked the village of Knothole Glade. It was then stopped by Scarlet Robe.

Ridden with guilt at the death of innocent people, Crimson Robe gave up being a hero and threw away his weapons. On a slow trek through Witchwood, he was attacked by a pack of Balverines and killed without any way of defending himself.