Diary of Victoria Backson
Diary Pages.png
Continuity Extended
Genre Historical Fiction
Rating 16+ [M]
Chapters 12
Author Henry Winstone
Editor(s) Creepstakes
Status In Development.

Henry Winstone's Diary of Victoria Backson takes place during the events of Lionhead Studio's Fable II video game, and acts as a prequel to the events of Siege of Samarkand. It is told from the perspective of the Hero of Bowerstone, Victoria "Sparrow" Backson, and is a recount of the events throughout the game's storyline, featuring the character's psychological choices and emotions.

Story[edit | edit source]

The story begins with a wish between two sisters of living in a castle, no dissimilar to Fairfax Castle. After a chance encounter with a blind woman who instills the belief of magic within them once more, they set off to earn enough gold to purchase a mystical music box. Once their wish is granted, they find themselves standing before Lord Lucien himself. But these hopeful events are more sinister than they appear. Gone mad by the thought of one of the Backson sisters being the fourth hero, Lucien guns down Rosemary Backson. Forever and a day, Victoria will never be able to forget that sight. As Lucien turns the gun on Victoria, she is propelled from the castle's arch window, and plummets to the cold pavements of Bowerstone Old Town. But her journey does not end there ...

Written in her own hand, the Diary of Victoria Backson brings alive the very essence of Fable II, citing her emotions, thoughts and the metallic taste of her revenge for Lord Lucien, each entry absorbs you into the very plot of the game. Read, as Victoria combats not only Hobbes, Balverines and Hollow Men, but herself as well, from her bringing together the legendary triumvirate, marrying a man she hardly knows yet loves so very deeply, to making the final decision of the fate of Rosemary.

Cast of Characters[edit | edit source]

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

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Entry 2 Entry 7
Entry 3 Entry 8
Entry 4 Entry 9
Entry 5 Entry 10
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