The creator and author of Diary of Victoria Backson is:

Henry Winstone is based in Western Australia, Australia with a certificate in Creative Writing and currently works in Market Research and Analysis as a Statistician/Data Processing Specialist, which sounds more interesting than it actually is.

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About the AuthorEdit

Henry Winstone has been planning Siege of Samarkand since he finished Fable III and wondered what could happen next? The story was in its early stages, so infantile was it that Cera Augustine was the only character on board. It was not until early January, 2012 that Henry literally stumbled upon Fable Fanon. Finally having a place where he can brainstorm, as well as share his story, has he finally the inspiration and destructive perfectionism to forge on with the story.

Admittedly, his spelling is peculiar as it is the Queen's English, hinting to his hailing from Australia. Likely so, his name is not truthfully Henry Winstone, though it is similarly to his own that it passes as acceptible.

Lastly, he hopes you enjoy reading his very first fan fiction, and that of its successors.

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Henry Winstone is now available at FanFiction.Net

Reader's NoticeEdit

Henry Winstone leads a busy life, making his less unique as so many others do too. But because of this some fan fiction updates may be prolonged to accomadate his busy work schedule, and other writing commitments. Please respect this, and thank you for your patience.