Duchess of Driffield
Created by Yorkieboy91
From Fable: A New Kingdom by Yorkieboy91
Appears in Yorkieboy91
Leader(s) Princess Rose
Notable Members Princess Rose
Founder(s) King Sparrow
Affiliation The Royal House of Lionheart
Headquarters Bowerstone Castle
Purpose To represent the monarch and carry out royal duties
Status Extinct


The title was created posthumously by King Sparrow after finding out that his baby daughter was still born. While Rose is the only person to hold this title Sparrow decreed that should any future monarch be blessed with twins then the first child weather they be a boy or girl then the first born would take the title while the second born would take the title Princ or Princess of Albion.


Princess Rose 1847: Named after his dead sister King Sparrow bestowed this title onto his still born daughter.

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