Empire of Albion
Created by Thenorthernman
Political information
Head of State Emperor
Ruler Hero of Bowerstone

The Empire of Albion was founded by the Hero of Bowerstone, who became the ruler of Albion shortly after their defeat of Lucien. The Hero quickly became aware that Samarkand posed a threat to Albion, and so invaded the country. Samarkand was not an easy conquest. It took a decade to conquer the whole country and Albion's military and economy were severely weakened. To combat these two problems, the newly entitled Emperor of Albion introduced a policy of conscription. By this law, all men between the ages of eighteen and sixty were required to sign up for the army. Women were encouraged to run their own businesses and also the ones that their husbands had previously owned.

With a bolstered army and economy, the Emperor decided to prepare a fleet to take the far north and hopefully find some legacy of the Hero of Oakvale. This was accomplished in two years and the Emperor led the new Imperial army to the north, only to meet staunch resistance from Samarkand refugees. This led to the Battle of the North, in which the Imperial Army of Albion emerged victorious.

This was when the Emperor's darker nature revealed itself for the first time. The Emperor ordered the massacre of all prisoners, regardless of gender or age.