Fable: Retold
Fable I

Fable: Retold

Fable: Retold
Continuity Alternative
Genre Action/ Adventure
Rating M
Chapters 20
Author Rojoneo
Status Complete


The first story in the Fable Retold Saga now finally be told.

Hundreds of years way beyond Connor the Hero of Bowerstone City time, before Adam the Hero of Brightwall and Sparrow the Hero King of Bowerstone it started with Zane who life will change forever when his home and family all vanishes under a night of fire and blood.


Zane Lionheart: The Hero of Oakvale who will journey to solve the mystery to who lead the raid that took his home and family from him and will start a legacy of heroes soon to come.

Ace Finn: A Mercenary from Oakvale this man dream of a life of being a Hero adore by many. Especially the women. Ace can be a bit greed at times but his heart is in the right place and with Leo to keep in in check he won't be messing up with his friends are around.

Leo Miles: An Assassin from the Assassin Brotherhood. Leo is a foreigner who came to Albion for something bigger than he dreams. Though he is an assassin he wishes to be a hero. He has a very strong dislike for Mercenaries and Templar but when it comes down to it he'll always have his friends back.

Sparky: The hero dog Zane found before his journey began. This loyal mutt will always have his master and their comrades backs.


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