Continuity refers to the consistency of characters, plots, places and events within the universe a fan fiction story takes place in. All fanfics are part of their own continuities, and that either extends the continuity established by the canon story, or creates an alternative continuity.

Extended Continuity[edit source]

Extended continuity takes place in an expanded version of the known Fable universe, where most of Lionhead's established canon stories remain as fixed events in the timeline. Fanfics with extended continuity can be found in the Expanded Universe Stories category.

Alternative Continuity[edit source]

Alternative continuity takes place in an alternate version of the Fable universe, where Lionhead's established canon does not hold. Fanfics with alternative continuity can be found in the Alternate Universe Stories category.

Canon[edit source]

Canon refers to the official and authoritative Fable universe, and the aspects that are creations of Lionhead Studios themselves. The canon story is used as the basis for fan fiction, and is either contrasted with or built upon by fanfic authors. Canon information can be found at The Fable Wiki.

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