Fable: Revelations
Writer Jordy

An aged Hero of Bowerstone is deciding which son is the prophecy of the blind

An aged Sparrow spectates his party from the throne, he is celebrating his 40th anniversary of being ruler of Albion. Ever since the great hero who saved Albion and sacrificed his family and faithful friend for the families of many, what became of that hero is a wise and pure soul. As Sparrow spectates the party, he sees many aristocrats wearing masks, not a beggar to be seen. A young Logan falls from the stairs leading to the King's bedroom. "Arrgh, you can't catch me I'm the fastest man alive!" A even younger prince screams as he runs away. "I might not be not be as fast but I am a hero, I can beat anyone!" screamed Logan followed by what seems to be like a gunshot from a toy gun. The guests laughed, they thought it was the cutest thing ever, despite them not being educated about how Sparrow beat Dash in his youth. Sparrow looked at them in anger, he then calmed down, he could not be mad at his own children who admired him. Sparrow laughed and hugged Logan as his other son ran away "Can't catch me, father!" As Sir Walter walked in the the room Sparrow said "I know who is going to be the savior of Albion and this "Aurora" place, I spent many nights in the study researching Aurora, the same room where my sister laid dead in the hands of a mad man, although there are many books in the grand library and the study, non seem to mention Aurora. I guess only time will tell." Sir Walter replied with "So, who is the hero of the seer's vision anyway" Sparrow replied with "Logan, he is a good leader to his little brother, he will save Albion and become king just like his father." Walter look skeptical "Logan only takes the easy way out of his troubles, he never faces the consequences and never seems to care!" Walter said. "Remember when those kids who beat Logan? Who came to rescue him? The prince." Sparrow thought of Logan, the way he cried that night.. The big hollow scar on his lips, the kids were taken back to the Bowerstone slums, where early industry is beginning and being pioneered by Reaver and his newly founded company. "Exactly like the young hero who rescued his older sister many years ago in Old Town, Rose wasn't like you or your ancestors, Sparrow, but guess who is? The prince." Walter added on. That night Sparrow went to bed, he washed his face. The makeup came revealing a pale, drowsy, wrinkly old man. His veins could be seen very green. For the rest of the night, Sparrow coughed.

The king was dieing

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