For Albion
Continuity Alternative
Genre Adventure/Romance
Author NatsNeko
Status Work in Progress

For Albion follows the adventure of the Hero of Brightwall to overthrow her brother for the crown. However, while it does stick along with the canon storyline, there are few major bits that are completely different. Theresa has inserted herself within the story, deciding to control fate more so than in Fable III, especially when dealing with Ben Finn and the Hero of Brightwall herself.

Story[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Ben Finn - My Ben Finn is more aware of his embarrassment during his escapades with Bloodstone. He'll still be rather cocky and quick to boast, but he's more gentlemanly.

Swifty - My Major Swift will play a key role along with Walter. I'm not sure if he'll be executed yet or not, but as I type up more, I guess I'll see soon.

Walter - I love my Walter. He's pretty much the same Walter within Fable III, if not more like a father as well as a mentor.

Hero of Brightwall - My Princess actually has a name: Jolene. She doesn't speak; hasn't since she had to have her best friend executed. Gabriel is the name of her Dog, and he is a Setter, the closest companion she has left. [Gabriel is a bit of a play on name since it is the name of an angel, and Jolene will eventually be the benevolent ruler her people need.]

Organisations[edit | edit source]

Terminologies[edit | edit source]

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