Ghassan, Desert Warrior
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Male.
Faction Triumvirate.
Relationships Aamina (friend), King Richard de Leonhardt (friend, student), Altair de Leonhardt (student).
Enemies The Crawler, Tyrant King Logan, Da Zhong.
Home Aurora.
Status Alive.
Ghassan is a native to the land of Aurora. He is a childhood friend of Aamina, and has become strong friends with Richard de Leonhardt, as well as his combat tutor.


Ghassan is shaven head, with the associated chocolatey skintone of most Aurorans. He is a tall man, at six foot, four inches and has one hundred and eight kilograms of muscles upon his frame. Ghassan's eyes are warm, a cool shade of brown and at times show a secretive sadness.



Ghassan was made an orphan at a young age. Since then he was taken under the guidance of Aamina and Kalin's father. When he was not in their presence, he would be bullied for being a willowy child, who never seemed to understand how to work his limbs properly. Ghassan then began an apprenticeship with the city's blacksmith, without the assistance of the Chieftain, and soon his muscles started to fill out. By the time he was eighteen, he was built like a brick house. Never again was he bullied.


Ghassan has now taken over the blacksmith in Aurora City, and teaches combat every other day to the youth of the region. One of his students is Altair de Leonhardt, the son of his close friend, Richard, the King of Albion. The two became quite close after a time of distrust on Ghassan's side, as he saw the interest he showed in Aamina, who for all intents and purposes, was like a sister to him. It later passed, and during the events of the Siege of Samarkand, he later found out about his role in the triumvirate: the Hero of Strength.


Ghassan's outward appearance keeps his true nature secret. When in the company of friends and comrades, Ghassan becomes rather high-spirited and humouress, who is always the one to plan the first practical joke. He attacks work like he does with games, searching for the fun in it to make it worthwhile. However, wonce training commences, he becomes the picture of seriousness, and does not abide by slacking off - "because your opponent isn't likely to laugh at your bad joke, and cut you some slack, before cutting you." he is known to say.


Aurora's Shield - Wielded by the long-dead champion Saler the Righteous and his soldiers, this model of hammer has crushed untold legions of Aurora's enemies.

Hero of StrengthEdit

Ghassan's ability as a Hero of Strength is nearly on par with his predecessor, Hammer. He is known in Aurora for his brutish, yet calculated, fighting style, though news has not reached Albion's ears.


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