His True Destiny
His True Destiny cover
Continuity Alternative
Rating M
Chapters 22
Author Azaelia Silmarwen
Status Complete


Rowan thought that when Maze found him and took him to the Heroes’ Guild, he would be given the chance to revenge his family before moving on with his life. He never thought that his training would be the beginning of so much more than just revenge.


In later chapters, there will be references to Fable: The Journey.

Table of ContentsEdit

Chapter Title
Chapter One Oakvale Massacre
Chapter Two Training For Vengeance
Chapter Three Theresa
Chapter Four The Arena
Chapter Five Bargate Prison
Chapter Six Facing Jack of Blades
Chapter Seven The New Enemy
Chapter Eight The Souls of Heroes
Chapter Nine A Fight to the Death
Chapter Ten Lady Elvira Grey
Chapter Eleven The Hero Mayor
Chapter Twelve Emily
Chapter Thirteen The Destruction of Oakvale
Chapter Fourteen Goodbye, Hero of Oakvale
Chapter Fifteen The Meeting of a Descendant
Chapter Sixteen The Reunion
Chapter Seventeen The Downfall of Lucien Fairfax
Chapter Eighteen The Return of Lady Elvira Grey
Chapter Nineteen The Hero of Brightwall
Chapter Twenty Reaver's Helping Hand
Chapter Twenty-One Gabriel
Chapter Twenty-Two The Corruptor


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