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In the Shadow of the Mask
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I do invite people to create images if they are relevant
Continuity Alternative
Genre Action
Rating T for Teens
Chapters Unfortunate Beginnings
Author Duskstardragon
Editor(s) None other than myself (so far)
Status Incomplete

For me I always thought that the hero of Fable II never really faced a challenge of a villian. Hobbes were harder to beat than Lucien. I love the game, but I wanted more substance to the end. So I decided to continue the story and give the heroes a proper villian to defeat. There will be tears. There will be fear. Blood will flow. Reaver will be slapped several times... so yeah... it's not all tomb and gloom. Please do enjoy!


Fable II Universe. One year after the death of Lucien, things are quiet for the Hero of Bowerstone. She thinks that maybe she can start to live a normal life, but a message from Theresa changes all that. She and the others must save Albion once again.


Sparrow - the female hero of Bowerlake that follows the path of purity and good

Dog - he has no spoken name, but he is the most loyal friend a hero could ever ask for

More once characters are revealed

Chapters so far[]

Chapter One: Unfortunate Beginnings

Chapter Two: Whispers of a Forgotten Village