Justin Dampier
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Male.
Faction Dampier Crime Family.
Relatives Portia Dampier (sister).
Relationships Ramona Hartley (ex-girlfriend).
Enemies Lucas Monteague.
Home Bloodstone.
Status Alive.
Justin Dampier was once the head of the Dampier Crime Family, until his arrest and enjailment by the hands of Sir Lucas Monteague. He has since been succeeded by his younger sister, Portia Dampier


Like his sister, Justin has thick golden hair. He inherited his great-grandfather's sharp cheekbones and his mother's black eyes. He is a tall man, at least two heads taller than his twin sister, but has not fully developed his musculature. Though not gangly, Justin has an athletic frame. Justin has a scar on his neck, and small cut-scars on his knuckles and hands from years of rough-housing and beating up disrespectful nobodies.