Khayr-ud-Din, High Priest of Aurora
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Male.
Faction Temple of Aurora.
Relationships Kalin (disciple), Altair de Leonhardt (student).
Enemies The Crawler, Da Zhong, Tyrant King Logan, Hei Shen.
Home Aurora.
Status Alive.

Khayr-ud-Din is the High Priest at the Temple of Aurora. He has been apart of the Temple since Aamina and Kalin's father was a young boy, having trained many of Aurora's warriors, as well as those who posed the potential of willpower. The Hero King's son, Altair, would be the first full-blooded Hero he has trained.


High Priest Khayr-ud-Din is an aging man, with the trade chocolately brown skin of all Auroran, though lines of wear and worry have creased his face. His features are sharp, under a tattoo that covers most of his face. He has grey eyes that can catch a persons soul, and see deep within. A tall, willowy man, he is known was his somewhat large forehead. Like most men of Aurora, he has a shaven head.


Khayr-ud-Din has been apart of the Temple of Aurora since he was young. He was orphaned at a young age, his mother died in childbirth, and soon after his father died from a Darkness attack. He has seen the evils of the Shifting Sands eat away at the people he prays with, but remains a pillar of hope within the city. He learnt the importance of willpower from the High Priest he served under, he practiced for many months, years, but was not as fruitful as some of his graduates. But this did not damper his heart from helping so many lives - thus was his acceptance into the Priest order, and sufficiently, his future role as High Priest.

He has, however, learnt enough to spread his teachings to those who will listen. By request of the Hero King, Khayr-ud-Din began teaching his son, Prince Altair, and was the one who conducted the wedding ceremony for Lady Aamina and King Richard.


Through years of prayer within the Temple, Khayr-ud-Din has become a wise and patient man. Though his patience is tested during his lessons with Altair, he will not be broken. He tends to speak slowly, as if he is always in perpetual meditation, and seems to have fixed soft smile. He will leap at any chance to protect his people, as he knows first hand what hurt, pain and loss feels like and will not have anyone feel that, if he can stop it.


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