Layla Crossgrove
Layla, "Mother of Pearl"
Created by Henry Winstone
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species White Balverine.
Gender Female.
Faction Dampier Crime Family.
Status Alive.

Layla Crossgrove is known for being a Captain in the Dampier Crime Family. During her career as a criminal, she has been known to take on a moniker to achieve her goals: Eva Blanche, Lydia Munsell and Edler von Winter are amongst her most notable aliases.


Layla has short, wavy blond hair and ochre eyes. Layla usually dresses primarily in white, though has been known to change things up with canary yellow gowns and pale blue dresses. She is nearly always seen with a fur scarf, pearl necklaces, and or a plethora of diamonds, should the occasion call for it.



When she was young, her family was attacked by a pack of balverines just outside Millfields. Layla was left for last, but instead of meeting the same fate as her family, she was turned during the full moon. It was when her maker was slain by the Hero of Bowerstone that she was relinquished from the pack, and went on her own.

It took Layla eight years to fully control her transformations, now allowing her the choice of shifting in to her balverine form, instead of being forced during each full moon.


Layla was approached by Mr. Sultani to become a member of the Dampier Crime Family. She started off as a Button Man, but quickly rose to ranks of Captain by midwinter the following year. Layla and her subbordinates are known for being especially lucrative in their endeavours.


Layla was an especially shy little girl before the attack on her family's carriage. Once she was turned, the only part of her human life that remained was her soft-spoken demeanour. Otherwise, as a White Balverine, she is particularly cunning and manipulative of the people around her. She relishes the fear in a person, often inducing it within her subbordinates, not only to keep them loyal, but to remind them never to cross her. If provoked, it becomes difficult for Layla to control her balverine nature. Layla is remorseless and unrepentant for her countless misdeeds.


Layla keeps on her person two brass butterfly knives, a white war fan crafted in Eastern Samarkand, and is a skilled combatant in tessenjutsu.


Layla Crossgrove is an original character created for the storyline of Siege of Samarkand, and is not available for general reprint, usage and editing, without proper consent and agreed upon reasoning for terms of use. Please respect this copyright, Henry Winstone 07:10, January 20, 2012 (UTC)