Continuity Alternative
Genre Action / Adventure
Rating M
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Editor(s) WarriorsSunshine
Status Ongoing

Story[edit | edit source]

It has been 50 years since four Heroes defeated Lord Lucien, and Albion entered an era of peace. Each Hero went their own way, and each ended up with a family of their own.

In the present, Albion is in chaos. The country is being ruled by Logan, a tyrant. After a strange dream, Kirk, son of Reaver, meets with his old friends Jacob, son of Garth, and Helen, daughter of Hammer, to help the Resistance and save Albion. However, they won’t do it alone.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Kirk: The son of Reaver, Kirk has incredible gun skills. Despite his cool and peaceful responses, he has a problem with understanding small morals. He voices his opinion over everything. Having grown up rich, Kirk often imagines the problems the poor face.

Jacob: The son of Garth, Jacob is a Will-user. He is the voice of reason in the group, despite his many arguments with Helen. He dreams to meet a Hero of old, and to master his powers.

Helen: The daughter of Hammer, Helen is the only one of her siblings to have Hero Strength. She is extremely cheerful, but feels overshadowed since she grew up with two high-achieving brothers. She really cares for her friends, and will not hesitate to protect them.

Eagle: The Prince of Albion, Eagle is the last of the Archon bloodline left. He is the main charge in the Resistance, though the group are yet to know this.

Scythe: A strange Hero who hasn’t been seen for years, he finally appears after Jacob and Hannah discover a strange warhammer. He appears from time to time since then, and helps the group when they need it the most.

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