Alois Val
Continuity Alternative
Genre First-Person War and Political Drama
Rating 17+
Chapters (Not Yet Defined)
Author Alois Val
Editor(s) Alois Val
Status In Progress

Decades before the time of the Hero of Oakvale, in an era of war between cities and nations near and far, lies the story of lords and ladies, heroes and peasants, kings and kingslayers, emperors and princes.

In the rural Bowerlands, a fief of the "New Kingdom of Albion" under the absentee King Janus Herren, lies the first hero and founder of the House of Grey: Val.


The story follows the events of Val Grey and others around him as the New Kingdom falls under the weight of it's populace and is overturned by a mass of sedition, then, in the ensuing chaos, the Hero and Lord Val Grey rises from petty landlord to founder of the Bowerstone City-State and establishes the domain that would serve as the capitol of all successor kingdoms for centuries to come.


House Grey

Val Grey, Age 29, Hero of this Fable

Mina Grey, Age 31, Sister of Val

Florence Grey, Age 49, Father of Val and Mina

House Herren

Janus II Herren, Age 41, King of Albion

Michael Herren, Age 22, Son of the King, Heir-Apparent

Sara Herren, Age 24, Daughter of the King, unmarried.

House Grant


House of Oaks


Mourningwood Company




The New Kingdom of Albion

The Fiefdom of the Bowerlands

The Bloodstone City-State

The Oakvale Principality

The Mourningwood Company

(More as-yet undefined)


CC (Contemporary Calender): Year is 1100 at the start, continues from there.

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