Sir Lucas Monteague
Lucas M
Captain Monteague, of the Royal Army
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Male.
Faction Albion Military.
Relatives Derek Monteague (father, deceased), Matilda Swanton (mother).
Relationships Hero of Brightwall, Ramona Hartley.
Enemies Bowerstone Industrial Gang, Dampier Crime Family, Da Zhong.
Home Bowerstone.
Status Alive.

Sir Lucas Monteague is a tertiary protagonist in the Siege of Samarkand storyline. He took over from his mentor, Major Swift, and subsequently Ben Finn, within the ranks of the Royal Army.

He is known for bringing such criminals as: Silver-tip Sawyer, Big Risk Tony and Justin Dampier to justice.


Lucas Monteague has light blond hair and deep blue eyes. His fair skin is a testament to the Bowerstone countryside, peaches and cream complexion, with a dusting of freckles on his nose and cheekbones from his time weathering the elements for the safety of Albion. He is a tall man at 6ft 4inch and of an athletic build from chasing down criminals, he is also quite muscular.


Lucas Monteague was born the only son of Derek the Bowerstone Sheriff, and his clothes merchant wife, Matilda. He was brought up to respect others, and the law, to understand himself and never to buckle under pressure. He grew up on stories about the Hero of Bowerstone, and how his father knew her personally.


Lucas Monteague has a strong sense of loyalty and justice. He is not so invested in the upholding of valour to allow no leniancy, but he holds a bench mark. At first acquaintance, he can come off over zealous and rigid, but that is merely a thick skin he has mouldered to fight off the temptations of crime that has ensared most of the Bowerstone enforcers as of late. He is a secret romantic, which is shown with his continous attempts at wooing Ramona "No Heart" Hartley, with obvious results.


Judge's Steel - Not much is known of the figure most called the White Judge. Only that he sought out wrongdoings wherever he went, and spared no one in order to right them. No sword has struck down more evil, or dealt such brutal justice.

Master Blunderbuss - There is no more powerful, or messier, class of firearm than the blunderbuss. Though only useful at short range, it spreads in a wide radius. Nothing is safe when one of these goes off. And there can be no better example than this exquisitely crafted weapon. Able to spit death in all directions, it is akin to wielding a dragon's mouth in battle.


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