Maverick Steelguard
Created by Critchell
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Maverick Steelguard was once a great Hero, who died just under 100 years before the events of Fable I.


Maverick was born in the quaint hamlet of Oakvale, to parents Ariana and Brom Steelguard Sr. He was widely renown in the small town for being a mischievous youth -- he was once even caught running a small distillery in the shack behind his parents house.


Inspired by boredom, and an imagination that was often described as "unholy", he left the small town in search of adventure. He came upon two short villagers at the far end of the Barrow Fields, being attacked by a tall black-hooded bandit. With the sword he had stolen from Ofred -- Oakvale's notoriously lazy town guard -- he cut down the bandit, saving the two villagers, but mortally wounding himself int he process. The two abnormally short villagers, who bore a golden ring which whispered dark truths, took him to the Grey House, where he was nursed back to health by its matriarch -- Alexandra Grey.


After finally being accepted into the Heroes Guild, where he was to start his formal apprenticeship, he slipped on an apple and fell into the stream. Laden with armour, he sank to the bottom and drowned.