Mr. Sultani
Sultani, the Underboss
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Male.
Faction Dampier Crime Family.
Status Alive.

Known simply, and always, as Mr. Sultani, is the underboss of the Dampier Crime Family. His role is to over see the selection of captains, both past and present, is responsible for ensuring that profits from criminal enterprises flow up to the boss, and is the second-in-command.


Sultani is of fairly average height, olive toned, with snow white hair and eyes the colour of ocean foam - so brightly blue, to be nearly white. He is never seen wearing anything other than a three-piece suit - in either black, grey or white.


Sultani has, for always, been apart of the Dampier Crime Family, suggesting that his age is considerable. There have been rumours that he first started under the guidance of William Dampier, the progenitor of the crime family, and that he souled his soul to the Shadows for eternal health, and beauty. Though the remaining Dampier siblings hold final vote, Sultani has been recognised as the organiser behind the assention of Layla Crossgrove, Silver-tip Sawyer and Baby-face Crewe into their roles as captains.


Sultani is a wise and cunning man. However, one moment he can seem to be the missing father figure, and the next, can be just as lethal as any highly-trained assassin. He is a calculating man, and will observe long before he makes a move, being a deliberate person has lead him to sustaining his position in the family.


Mr. Sultani is an original character created for the storyline of Siege of Samarkand, and is not available for general reprint, usage and editing, without proper consent and agreed upon reasoning for terms of use. Please respect this copyright, Henry Winstone 13:00, January 20, 2012 (UTC)