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Physical information

Oakvale is a small town that seems to be home of some famous heroes, most notably The Hero of Oakvale, banisher of Jack of Blades.

History Edit

A small gypsy camp set up in a spot near the sea due to the excellent fishing spots and port. As more people came, it grew bigger to eventually become a small village of houses. It eventually got its own shop and pub and eventually got its own weapons shop and became a good town with guards and many people and families.

The Oakvale Raid Edit

Eventually, bandits attacked Oakvale, killing many people and kidnapping a few. A few people survived and managed to rebuild the town. The Hero of Oakvale lost his father, Brom, and was saved by Maze.

Reaver and the Shadow Court Edit

A pirate named Reaver struck up a deal with the Shadow Court to keep his youth in return for the town of Oakvale and the surrounding areas. The Shadow Court accepted and Darkwood grew to engulf Oakvale in shadows. There were few survivors although a few escaped to set up a new village, named Oakfield. Oakvale was left in ruins for many years although some remnant of it was put into a glass snowglobe.

Future Edit

The future has been seen and a powerful sorcerer comes along and turns back time on Oakvale and it becomes its old self again, bringing back some of the dead and it carries on as before.