Oma Adelaide
From Fable: Into the Woods by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Female.
Faction Albion Historical Restoration Society.
Relatives Charlotte (granddaughter).
Enemies Balvorn of Albrighton.
Home Albrighton.
Status Alive.
Oma Adelaide Redding is the Grandmother of Charlotte Redding, and a member of the Albrighton Council, Albion Historical Restoration Society and apart of the Give a Child a Brighter Future Foundation.


Oma Adelaide is still spritely in her old age. She has kept busy with raising her granddaughter and being apart of many organisations, keeping her in high spirits and in a higher health margin. She has white hair that its piled in a beehive-style and her favourite colour is red, which features prominant in her clothes, not unlike Charlotte's. Her eyes are brown, and teardrop shaped and she has a prominant cupid's bow.


Five years ago Oma Adelaide's son, and Charlotte's father and only living parent, was killed one day during an ordinary hunt. They found out a few months later that the Balvorn of the Albrighton Dales took him, as dinner for her children. After such news Oma Adelaide seemed to become happier, but not out of disrespect, but as a coping mechanism so as to remain strong for Charlotte, her granddaughter. Every night once Charlotte was in bed, Oma Adelaide would weep over a picture of her son.


Oma Adelaide is a member of a multitude of charitable organisations, making her lifes intent to help the down trodden and improve the ideals and circumstances of orphans around Albion. She is warm hearted, and a brilliant cook, believing "happiness can be baked into anything ... you just need the love." Oma Adelaide, though she seems on the brittle side, will fight to the death for her young granddaughter, no matter the opponant.

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