Ramona Hartley
No Heart Hartley
Infamous, "No Heart" Hartley
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Female.
Faction Highwayman's Guild.
Relatives Jessica (sister).
Relationships Cera Augustine (rival), Sir Lucas Monteague.
Home Knothole Island.
Status Alive.
Ramona Hartley is a secondary protagonist in the Siege of Samarkand storyline. She started off a successful Highwaywoman and member of the Highwayman's Guild, until she resigned her services and now acts as a vigilante throughout Bowerstone.


Ramona has long, wavy dark hair and light brown eyes. She is of olive toned, like most residents of Knothole Island. She is of slender build, curvacious were it counts and has a birth mark on the leftside of her hip, that looks oddly like a fractured heart.


Ramona became notorious as "No Heart" Hartley once she became an honorary member of the Highwayman's Guild. Noted for being the most successful Highwaywoman, she is both feared and respected by her fellow thieves. After every mark, Ramona would send gold to her sister back in Knothole Island.

Ramona has an outstanding rivalry with Cera Augustine, whose paths have crossed on many an occasion. Jessica, for the most part, remains in the dark about her sisters chosen profession, believing she works as a humble seamstress in Bowerstone.


Just like her little sister, Jessica, she is an independant woman that will not back down to threats or ego. She manipulates men, usually by seductive means, to get ahead in life, as well as, her own way. Once she's done with what a particular man can offer, she drops them like a hobbe's head and moves on - sourcing her the nickname "No Heart" Hartley.


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