Richard de Leonhardt
King of Hearts
Hero of Brightwall and King of Albion
From Siege of Samarkand by Henry Winstone
Biographical information
Species Human.
Gender Male.
Relatives Hero of Bowerstone (Parent), Rose (Aunt), Logan (Older Brother), Aamina (Wife), Altair (Son), Hero of Southcliff (Grandfather), Hero of Oakvale (Ancestor), Theresa (Ancestor), Brom (Ancestor), Scarlet Robe (Ancestor), William Black (Ancestor).
Relationships Gladstone (loyal canine companion), Jasper (Hero Butler), Hobson (Royal Butler), Walter Beck (Mentor and friend), Ben Finn (Friend), Page (Friend), Sabine (Ally), Kalin (Ally).
Enemies The Crawler, Da Zhong, the Hei Shen.
Home Bowerstone Castle.
Status Alive.

King Richard de Leonhardt is the youngest son of the late Queen Victoria, the Hero of Bowerstone, and little brother to Logan de Leonhardt, the Tyrant King. In spite of the Revolution, Richard was thrusted into the responsibility of becoming the Hero of Brightwall, and entrusted to keep the promises of the people of Albion.


The Hero of Brightwall is of strong build and healthy stock. He has medium length brown hair and warm brown eyes. His complexion is natural of those born in Bowerstone, of peaches and cream, though along his travels he has considerably tanned. He has scars from Balverine and Hobbe attacks. After the Battle of Bowerstone, the King became lax with his unkeep of facial, and now hows a rounded beard, which he now maintains.


The Road to RuleEdit



Queen Victoria's collection of Hero Weapons, as morphed by use of King Richard:

  • Hero Sword
  • Hero Hammer
  • Hero Pistol
  • Hero Rifle


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