Rising of the Full Moon series
Continuity Alternative
Genre Adventure, Romance
Rating M
Chapters Chapter one - Ebony Flames
Author Blaid
Editor(s) HubrisP
Status Work in Progress

Rising of the Full Moon series is an AU fanfiction series that replaces the canon storyline of Fable III. Centuries since the death of Balverine King Balvorn, his pure-blood descendants have been hunted to the extent that they have decreased to a single pair of Balverines that proclaim themselves the Princes of the Balverines, meeting up with the Prince of Albion he sets upon a plan that will allow the Balverines to be seen in a new light and to defeat the approaching Darkness.

Story[edit | edit source]

Prince Aedan leaves the Castle to battle against his brother King Logan in a Revolution that would shake the foundations of Albion, he is not alone however as Captain Saker's minions are besieged from their Caravan attacking ways by a group of Brigands that are revealed to be of the Pure-breed House of Balvorn, when two "Princes" meet what will be the outcome of their "friendship".

Characters[edit | edit source]

Protagonists[edit | edit source]

Antagonists[edit | edit source]

  • Logan
  • Reaver
  • The Darkness
    • Crawler
    • Children

Organisations[edit | edit source]

Terminologies[edit | edit source]

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