The Ambrose Empire
From Ambrose Empire Series by Blaid
Geographical information
Continent Ambrose
Political information
Head of State Emperor

The Ambrose Empire is Albion's greatest threat appearing shortly after the defeat of the The Crawler and his invasion stopped, this time the Hero of Brightwall must fight against an Army massively superior to his own in the fields of resources (Military, Training and Nutrition) and technology while having a reinforced Supplyline from their Homeland in the East, the Hero must work with his army and Bowerstone Rebels to fight off the siege of his Kingdom despite the amassing odds against him.


Pre-Modern DayEdit

The Empire was settled by an Archon, believed to be the very Archon that built and activated the Spire, shortly after the Fall of the Old Kingdom. The Archon conquered most of the Island Continent but then left everything to his son and grandson whom continued on to conquer the rest of the Continent, for much of the following generations afterwards there was peace on the Continent of Ambrose as the Ambrose Empire grew swiftly from the abundance of resources and lack of competition, but eventually naval travel would lead the Empire of interest in the North and South boarders - they came to understand that their continent also had two archipelago Island groups - Islands that fought among themselves on both accounts.

The Ambrose Empire conquered those Islands and annexed their resources, they would then continue to build up their resources over Generations and concentrated on developing technology, it is stated that the Industrial Revolution came 80 Years earlier in Ambrose than Albion.

Modern DayEdit


The Empire is built up of a number of Organizations that each benefit each other, they are:

Members of the Ambrose EmpireEdit