The Dream
Wild Predator Tamed for a Purpose
Series Diary of Falcon Lionheart by Garry Damrau
Chapter 10
Writer Garry Damrau(talk)
Editor(s) Restricted
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I remember my father, as a man of imposing brawn and stature. There were times when his aura was almost blinding. And yet, in private moments, he could be as meek as a lamb. His duties as ruler of Albion kept him occupied most all the time, but every now and then he would shut out the world and be mine. Dad was not much of a talker but you could always tell what he was thinking by his expressions.

My older brother, Logan, was always saying that dad cared more for his people than us. Ever since the time he ran away, and our father had to rescue him from the Hobbes, things were different between them. Even when father took us on hunting trips to Bower Lake or Brightwood, the tension between them never eased.

My father was called many names. King, Mayor, Your Majesty, Your Highness, Hero of Bower Lake, Hero of Bowerstone, and Lionheart are some of the names I most often heard growing up. Ol' Bill called him Sparrow and mom called him Dodger and then she would giggle. (Why Dodger? I'll never know.) Logan called him "Father" in his condescending tone. But I was the only one he would let call him his special name.... Pa-Pa.

The next thing I remember I was standing in the doorway of our cottage on Serenity Farm. Pa-Pa had brought us here from the castle because he said we were in great danger there and he only hoped we would be safe here. He had changed his clothes and was wearing a monks robe with bandaged hands and feet. I asked him why, because he owned such wonderful outfits. He merely said that where he had to go he could take no vanity or personal possessions along. I clenched my toy sword and toy bow in my hands, as the sun glistened off of his Daichi and his Rammer. He loved those two weapons probably more than any others but he also had his Perforator and the Maelstrom packed as well. When I asked him why he would need those weapons he only said that he would fight Heaven or Hell to save his Albion. I cried for him to stay Pa-Pa don't go, Pa-Pa, Pa-Pa, Pa-Pa.......

It was then that I awoke.... (Fable III begins here)