The Happenings
The Happenings Series
Continuity Extended
Rating M
Author Azaelia Silmarwen
Status Complete

The Happenings IEdit


Join Sparrow on her adventure to defeating Lucien, with her finding more than just revenge, such as friendship, love and decisions between good and evil.


Chapter 1 The Beginning
Chapter 2 Ten Years Later
Chapter 3 Journey to the Pilgrim
Chapter 4 The Pilgrim
Chapter 5 The Life of a Hero
Chapter 6 The Mage and The Crucible
Chapter 7 Goodbye Albion, Hello Tattered Spire
Chapter 8 Life at the Spire and the Rescue
Chapter 9 Journey to the Thief
Chapter 10 Dramas with the Thief
Chapter 11 Heroes United
Chapter 12 And So It Ends
Chapter 13 Sparrow's Happily Ever After

The Happenings II Edit


Albion is now a united land, a kingdom of peace, but will an unknown enemy destrot everything the Hero of Bowerstone fought to create or will it help create another Hero?


Chapter 1 And So It Begins
Chapter 2 The Darkness
Chapter 3 Aurora's Hidden Enemy
Chapter 4 It's a Beginning, Not an End
Chapter 5 A Hero is Born
Chapter 6 So The Rebellion Begins: Allies
Chapter 7 So The Rebellion Begins: Mourningwood and The Resistance
Chapter 8 Parties, Speeches and the Truth
Chapter 9 Return to Aurora and the Darkness
Chapter 10 War and Truths
Chapter 11 The End

Author NotesEdit

Seeing as the stories not going to be betaed for a while, I've decided to post it up, but if you see a couple of mistakes, not bother editing them cause you'll just be wasting your time for when I redo the chapters.


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Great work Azaelia, I love the way it all came together. I am glad that the time demands of your efforts at Fable Answers has past and you can give this the attention it deserves. I was trying to do some removing of the text formatting commands of your original pages but was only finished with about half of Chapter 1: The Beginnings when my situation took an "arrow to the knee" so to speak. If you are puzzled about what I am referring to, look at The Beginnings in Source Mode and you will see where I left off about halfway through. You may want to erase your earlier work and reenter them however you are doing it now, as the sheer number of edits needed to remove all that excess is staggering. I have already asked Enodoc if there was any search and replace command that would simplify that process but alas there is no shortcut. I hope we will always be "Super Best Friends" (As Chesty says).Garry Damrau(talk)timeless