The Journey
Continuity Alternative
Genre Family
Rating M
Author Azaelia Silmarwen
Status WIP

Stories in Series[edit | edit source]

Book Title
Book One Sparrow's Journey
Book Two Logan's Journey
Book Three The Other Me
Book Four Lily's Journey
Book Five Lillian's Revenge

Sparrow's Journey[edit | edit source]

BLURB: Follow Sparrow as he goes from a loving family, to a poor orphanage, to a mighty Hero, before becoming the beloved King of Albion.


Chapter Title
Chapter One Childhood Beginnings
Chapter Two A New Hero
Chapter Three Journey to a Hero: The Pilgrim
Chapter Four The Hero of Strength
Chapter Five Sparrow's Job is Never Done
Chapter Six Journey to a Hero: The Mage
Chapter Seven Competing in the Crucible
Chapter Eight Sparrow's New Life
Chapter Nine Life as a Spire Guard
Chapter Ten Journey to a Hero: The Thief
Chapter Eleven The Thief
Chapter Twelve Heroes United at Last
Chapter Thirteen The End of Shadow Fiend
Chapter Fourteen Return of the Thief
Chapter Fifteen Brightwall Academy
Chapter Sixteen Becoming a Hero Again
Chapter Seventeen Sparrow's Troubled Days
Chapter Eighteen The Return of the Hero of Strength
Chapter Nineteen Quests
Chapter Twenty The Beginnings of a Family
Chapter Twenty-One Five Years Later
Chapter Twenty-Two In the Years that Followed

Logan's Journey[edit | edit source]

BLURB: After being sentenced to death by his little sister and the Royal Court, Logan escapes the castle and starts his new life as a hardworking Hero, but what happens when he is forced to fight his sister for the throne?


Chapter Title
Chapter One The Beginning of Two Worlds
Chapter Two Ten Years Later
Chapter Three Birth of the Hero of Brightwall
Chapter Four The Hollow Men Legion VS. Albion Soldiers
Chapter Five Familiar Faces
Chapter Six The Princess and the Fake Romance
Chapter Seven The Masquerade Party
Chapter Eight Losing and Making Allies
Chapter Nine A Sibling War

The Other Me[edit | edit source]

The Other Me cover with Lillian and Lily.

BLURB: Logan couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Lillian fighting the Crawler's minions with him, but he was even more shocked when he learns that she is, but she isn't, his sister.


Chapter Title
Chapter One Welcome to a Nightmare, Lily
Chapter Two Preparation
Chapter Three The Crawler's Attack
Chapter Four Lillian's New Playpen
Chapter Five Let the Work Begin
Chapter Six Breaking Lily's Promises
Chapter Seven An Unforgivable Decision
Chapter Eight The Battle of the Lillian's

Lily's Journey[edit | edit source]

BLURB: We all know how Logan became a Hero and overthrew his tyrant sister, Lillian, and how Lily followed the same path in her world, but do we know the exact details?


Chapter Title
Chapter One The Beginning of Two Worlds
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten

Lillian's Revenge[edit | edit source]



Author's Notes/Messages[edit | edit source]

Fun Fact[edit | edit source]

The Other Me was initially going to be the only story, but as I was writing it, I saw gaps and figured I should write a story about Sparrow and Logan's journeys. I was then going to have The Other Me as the first story, and have Sparrow's Journey and Logan's Journey as add on stories, but when I started writing Sparrow's Journey I figured that I might as well turn it into a series.

Then it was only going to be those three stories, but as I finished Logan's Journey, I thought that I might as well do Lily's journey as well, and then to do something about Lillian getting revenge.

Uploading[edit | edit source]

Sparrow's Journey, Logan's Journey and The Other Me have already been completely uploaded. Lily's Journey and Lillian's Revenge will be uploaded once they have been written out in full.

Series Status[edit | edit source]

So far, only the first three books have been fully written. Lily's Journey is slowly coming along and Lillian's Revenge is likely to take a while to be published as I have to research Traitor's Keep before I can write it, seeing as I haven't played it and I ain't familar with all the details.

Similar Story[edit | edit source]

If you like this series, then you may wish to check out The Happenings series, but be warned. The quaility of The Happenings isn't anything like this series. If I personally had to chose something to read out of the two series, I would chose The Journey.

Questions[edit | edit source]

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