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The Silver Serpent
Criminal Faction
Created by Solar Dragon
Ruling body of Bloodstone
Founder(s) Keon Arch
Headquarters Unknown
Status Unclear

The Silver Serpent are a Criminal Faction/Gang that owns the most part of Bloodstone. Many people believe That Reaver was the Mayor of Bloodstone, but he has NEVER been affiliated with The Silver Serpent. This is mostly because the members of The Silver Serpent remain hidden in their headquarters. No one but the members of the gang know where the official headquarters are. Some say that it is on the outskirts of Oakvale or as it was later known, Wraithmarsh. Others say it lies hundreds of miles beneath Bloodstone itself. None of these rumours have been confirmed.


The Silver Serpent was created just after Twinblade was thought to have left Bloodstone. However, the founder, Keon Arch, former assassin for The Society, forbade The Silver Serpent from appearing to the public.

Some years later, Bloodstone was formed and The Faction rose out of the shadows to claim it. The original founder of The Silver Serpent died shortly after Bloodstone formed, so leadership was passed down to Mr. Blank who would later join up with the Assassination Society. Mr Blank was more rash that Keon Arch and oversaw many changes to The Silver Serpent. Mr.Blank levied a tax upon the people of Bloodstone, and those that did not pay, were promptly killed. The tax drained Bloodstone and it soon fell into a derelict ruin. He also began handing out Assassination contracts to his men.


Time passed and Mr. Blank moved on to pastures new. He started his own Assassination Society, named: The Society. While a few members went with him, most stayed at The Silver Serpent to witness the rein of the new leader, Tobias Blank. Tobias showed no enthusiasm in running Bloodstone or collecting taxes.

Soon, The Silver Serpent fell into ruin, and Bloodstone was freed of its malevolence.


Tobias became an alchoholic and rather large. He lied to a passing traveller saying that he was trying to rebuild Bloodstone and that The Silver Serpent still ran the town. He was soon scared into leaving Bloodstone. He took a boat to Westcliff and then moved to Bowerstone. And finally, he moved to Oakfield.


In the time period between Fable II and Fable III. Tobias Blank was asassinated in his home in Oakfield. None of the guards, Sheriffs or townsfolk knew why. They had all heard of Tobias's past. Soon, The Industrial Revolution took hold and Tobias was forgotten. However, it is extremely likely that The Silver Serpent flourished after Tobias was killed. It is even said that the Assassin (Logan of Bowerstone) has even become king in Castle Fairfax. No one knows.