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The White Banshee
The White Banshee.jpg
Created by Garry Damrau
From Falcon's Flock by Garry Damrau
Appears in The Other Land
Biographical information
Species Banshee
Gender Female
Relationships Nostro - husband
Home Lychfield


The White Banshee is the ghost of Vostro, the wife of the famous Hero Nostro. It is said that she haunts the Lychfield Graveyard, mourning the loss of her beloved husband. Not much is known of her demise except for the bloodstained note that she left behind, bemoaning the absence of her beloved.


The White Banshee appears to those who make the mistake of traveling through the Lychfield Graveyard or who visit their loved one's graves. She wears the lacy, white gown that she wore for her wedding.