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From Fable by Lionhead Studios
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Status Alive

Theresa is the daughter of Brom and Scarlet Robe and as such is also the older sister of the Hero of Oakvale. She was raised in Oakvale, unaware that she was indeed a hero with powers of foresight. She was captured during the raid of Oakvale by the Jack of Blades cronies. She refuses to give them any of the information they demand and so she is left for dead in the forest after having her eyes cut out. She was then found by the Bandit King, Twinblade, and he raised her to fully harness her prophetic powers.

When the Hero of Oakvale came to Twinblades Camp in order to find the "Bandit Seeress", he was shocked to discover that it was in fact Theresa. After the defeat of her master, Theresa leaves the Hero regardless of his choice, with a cryptic warning that he will one day have to make a choice that will affect all of Albion, between good and evil.

As the game progresses, Theresa continues to guide the hero, often having a far greater insight and understanding of the current events than the Hero due to her power of foresight. It is Theresa who suggests that Scarlet Robe is still alive and in Bargate Prison. Theresa is also very good at avoiding the attentions of Jack of Blades, evading him for a long time before the Hero gives her position away by visiting her while holding an enchanted seal given to him by Jack.

During the events surrounding the death of Maze, Theresa has been captured and is being used to summon the "Septimal Key". Maze attempts to convince the Hero it is Theresa, rather than him, who has been corrupted by Jack, but he is quickly exposed after the Hero was captured as well. Before the Hero can be transported to the Guild to take part in Jack's ritual, however, Theresa uses the last of her Will power to free him, allowing him to do battle with Maze.

The final time Theresa appears in the story comes after the battle with Jack of Blades in the Heroes Guild, when she presents the Hero with the options to either kill her and take Jack's sword, becoming more powerful than even Jack had, or to destroy the sword forever.

Regardless of the player's actions, Theresa will appear in Fable II as the guide for the Hero of Bowerstone, meaning that the canon ending for the original Fable is the destruction of the Sword of Aeons. In Fable II, Theresa seems to still be alive, much the same as Scythe, so it is possible that descendents of Archon have very long lifespans, or that Theresa found the same method of cheating death as Scythe, though this is mostly fan theory. She is the Heroes' mentor and guide in the game Fable III, and also appears as the same in the latest game Fable: The Journey.