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Time To Rise
Continuity Alternative
Rating M (16+)
Author geekie beekie
Editor(s) Author only for the time being
Status Work in Progress

Time To Rise takes place during the events Lionhead Studio's game, Fable III. It is told, for the most part, from the perspective of the Hero of Brightwall, Anne Pembroke. While the first few chapters somewhat mirror the plot of Fable III, this is not a play by play recount of the established plotline.


When King Logan forced Anne to choose between the lives of innocent citizens and that of her childhood sweetheart, she could no longer dismiss his cruelty as wild rumours. It was time for her to rise and lead the rebellion Albion had been waiting for.


  • Logan Pembroke - aka the Tyrant King, son of the Old Hero Queen, older brother to Anne
  • Anne Pembroke - daughter of the Old Hero Queen, younger sister to Logan, leader of the Glorious Revolution
  • Wolsey - Anne's dog and loyal companion, a Boxer
  • Sir Walter Beck - mentor and father figure to Logan and Anne

Table of Contents[]

1.Prologue: The Dream
2.Chapter One: The Rebel Princess