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Game Concepts

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Fable Fanon[edit | edit source]

If all goes well, Fable Fanon will soon once again be a veritable source of Fable fan-fiction and other fan-created content. In conjunction with Fable Wiki, as in the days of old (back in 2008), we will restore this site to the glory it once had.

To do[edit | edit source]

  • Create an adaptation for the infoboxes to allow for more than one series
  • Create Fable Fanon:Infobox how-to guide
  • Investigate the Category namespace
  • Create Category:Series A to Z to contain all series and the Category:EU/AU series categories
    • I decided not to do what I previously suggested, pending reply from Wikia about whether we can have DPL on this wiki, as that includes intersections.
    • DPL is active.
  • Update Current Status based on the new Concepts options, and the new DPL listings (which we haven't made yet).
  • New fanfic listings using DPL and Tabber. (On Category:Fanfiction or somewhere else?)
  • A new Element is required. A glaring omission up until now, we need an infobox, a new page template, and a bit of Guidance for Enemy pages (including creatures and humanoids). type = human, animal, creature, undead, etc; class = eg F3 classes.
  • Probably should do Item as well (including parameters appropriate to weapons (damage), clothing (armour), potions (effects), etc).
  • Need to update Infobox how-to with new infoboxes, altered parameters, and updated restrictions.
  • Bot gears.png Update the author-based red-links in the infoboxes which use #CC2200 to use #8A8A8A instead.
  • Create {{Dynamic category}} for the tops of categories that should only be added by templates. Those being the direct subcategories of Category:Content, as they are important for the DPL lists. (eg all the things and only those things listed at the Fanfic Index should be in Category:Fanfiction, to make the listings fair)
  • Rename {{Fanfic author}} to {{Creator}};
    • Bot gears.png and get Enobot to do a run to update it.
  • Create a new {{Series}} template using the components and existentials of the existing series parameter as parameter {{{1}}}. Replace series code with {{Series|{{{series}}}}} in infoboxes. Replace series2/series3 parameters with addseries parameter which takes plaintext entries. Entries to addseries will be {{Series}} calls, which allows for an unlimited number of additional series.
    • Enobot broke some pages when running this update.
  • Clear out unlicensed images in the File namespace
    • Update licensing templates
  • Go through the Project namespace and see if anything needs to be done there

Template, MediaWiki & CSS Test[edit | edit source]

Button Dead button

HelloBananaThis oneCheese
  • {{BASEPAGENAME}} (parent page without the namespace)
  • {{FULLPAGENAME}} (page title including namespace and subpage)
  • {{NAMESPACE}} (namespace of current page)
  • {{PAGENAME}} (page title excluding namespace)
  • {{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} (associated non-talk page)
  • {{SUBJECTSPACE}} (associated non-talk namespace)
  • {{SUBPAGENAME}} (subpage part of title)
  • {{TALKPAGENAME}} (associated talk page)
  • {{TALKSPACE}} (associated talk namespace)
  • {{FULLPAGENAMEE}}, {{NAMESPACEE}} etc. (equivalents encoded for use in MediaWiki URLs)

Blogspace Stuff[edit | edit source]

Roleplay Section[edit | edit source]

  • Adapt the character/faction/location/(enemy) infoboxes for Roleplay.
    • Unlock the appears parameter on all infoboxes. People may wish to use characters from their series in the RPs. (The appears parameter allows unrestricted text, and may be the best place to put this info.)
    • Add a roleplay parameter in which they can add the roleplay name (similar to the Series parameter). This would add the character/faction/location/(enemy) to the RP's category. The Series parameter wouldn't work for this, as we don't want to add the GM's category as well. Text will be Featured in. If possible, entry will be (GM name)'s (RP Name).
    • Unlock the creator parameter as well. It's just easier if they're both unlocked. This one can then add things players create for the RP to their own creator category. Derestrict the creator parameter as well, so {{Fanfic author}}/{{Creator}} can be used in it.
  • Create Infobox roleplay. Self-explanatory really. This will go on the RP itself, the OOC User talk page, the Article page, (and the Category page?), and include links between all of these.
  • Update the Infobox how-to with the Roleplay infobox and the new roleplay parameters.
  • Pages:
    • User blog:(GM name)/(RP name): This is where the RP happens, and is also where the GM posts the background story, the rules, and any other things they may need for setup, like general class details if they have them.
    • User talk:(GM name)/(RP name): This is where general OOC discussion about the progress of the RP should go, including all OOC posts if the GM decides so.
    • (RP name): This is a mainspace article about the RP which the GM can create to add more background to their world if they so desire. Otherwise, (and it should probably have this anyway) it should be a transclusion of the RP page. Which can be added automatically on page creation, probably.
    • Category:(RP name): Like a Series category, this will contain all the RP's content.
    • Talk:(RP name): An unfortunate side-effect of having a mainspace article, this may be better off as a redirect to the RP discussion page.
    • User:(GM name)/(RP name): An unfortunate side effect of having the associated talk page, from which this will be linked, so this should be a redirect to the RP page.
    • Pages for characters, locations and factions: Using the tweaked infoboxes, the standard pages for these will be fine.
  • Create {{OOC}} template.
  • Create {{Blog}} template for sticking on blog posts that are actually blog posts.
  • Create {{Roleplay}} template for use in the roleplay parameter of infoboxes, like the new {{Series}} template.
  • Need to standardise my usage of Game Master vs. Gamemaster.

New categories[edit | edit source]

RP Wikis[edit | edit source]

Pointers for the RP Guide[edit | edit source]

With assist from this one and that one, as well as WikiP.
  • Types of RP:
    • Traditional/Classic or w/e you may want to call it. This, as I understand it's basic essence, is where the GM creates the "events" and the players respond with "actions". eg the ones they have at The RPG Wiki, and this one at LH.
    • Collaborative. This is a bit more open, where anyone can make minor events if they so choose. The GM still has overall control of course, and directs the course of the RP through major events. The story can also be moved forward through mutual agreement between players, probably OOC. eg Garry's cool RP over here.
    • Anything else?
  • Standards
    • Every player takes the role of a character, the aim is to describe what the charcter does or what they say.
    • The GM sets the scene, narrates the story, and can take the role of a character as well.
    • Posts should be open-ended, to allow other players to respond.
    • OOC must be specified with "OOC", or better yet could take place in an alternate location. Consider creating an OOC template for any OOC that inevitably gets put in the wrong place. Or for if the GM allows OOC in the main text. Or indeed if they want to do OOC there themselves.
    • No overpowered (OP) characters. This is to stop the RP from becoming boring for everyone else. The GM may set their own rules on power, or may ask players to choose a "class" or "skill set" during Character Creation to avoid this.
    • Play by the rules. That's these rules and those that the GM sets. For the GM will have to set some rules that are specific to their RP setting.
  • Combat
    • Combat can indeed occur, and may work as such: either the GM determines the outcome, the outcome is discussed OOC, or some sort of dice-roll with predetermined outcomes occurs.
    • No Power Playing. This guideline is a derivative of the 'open-ended posts' standard, and while it can be overridden by a GM, it is set up to allow a character to respond to an attack on them.
      • Example from WikiP:
        Bob punched Joe in the chest, knocking him over.
        This post makes the assumption that Joe takes no further action to avoid the attack from Bob and that he will drop as a result. These types of actions are often called "autohits" as they "automatically hit" without allowing for a response by the affected character, and there may be rules against such actions (commonly referred to as the 'no power playing' rule). Alternatively, Bob may be required to write something like the following:
        Bob swung a punch at Joe's chest, attempting to knock him over.
        This allows Joe to respond to the action without contradicting the post.
    • The GM can specify how they would like combat to happen, if any is supposed to be happening, in their Rules.
  • Character Creation
    • Each player takes the role of a certain character, either of their own creation or from Canon. (If you wish to use a character created by someone else, you must ask their permission first.)
    • The easiest way to create your character for Roleplay is to create a new Character page and fill in the details there. Important details for the roleplay are:
      • Name
      • Gender
      • Appearance
      • History/Background
      • Personality and Fighting Style
    • Secondary details which may be required by the gamemaster, or which you may like to add to pad out your character if the gamemaster allows it:
      • Class and Skills
      • Items and Possessions
      • Faction
  • Setting
    • As this is Fable Fanon, all roleplays must take place within the Fable ethos. However, it's up to the gamemasters how much of Lionhead's established canon is part of their setting, if any.
  • The Gamemaster (GM)
    • The gamemaster is the organiser, arbitrator and moderator of a role-playing game.
    • From WikiP: The role of a gamemaster in a traditional role-playing game is to weave the other participants' player-character stories together, control the non-player aspects of the game, create environments in which the players can interact, and solve any player disputes.
  • Hohbes' Handy Tips
  1. Play by the rules and be respectful. Have a good read of the sign up thread for an RP before you play, and make sure you're comfortable with the rules outlined by the GM (Game Master).
  2. Don't be a god! It's easy to try to make your character a godlike powerhouse who's capable of anything. This often leads to uninspiring Roleplay. It's better to try to play your character realistically. As an example, this is a fun way to fight:
    "Hohbes lashes out with his fist, brushing the Bandit's face with a glancing hit"
    This isn't so fun:
    "Hohbes pulls out a massive Warhammer and pulverises the Bandit in 1 hit. Lol"
  3. Give people time. It may take a while for somebody to post their response to your latest post, so don't rush and don't assume they've dropped out!
  4. Leave your posts open ended if possible. Giving others the opportunity to continue the story from where you leave off, or to interact with your character following straight on from your post make for a fun Roleplay.
  5. Be active. If you don't know whether you'll be able to regularly take part in a game, then it may be better not to sign up. The best Roleplays are those with a bunch of active players. This especially goes for Game Masters running an RP - being active is essential.
  6. Let people know if you need to drop out. It's entirely possible that you may need/want to drop out of an RP - if that's the case, let people know with a quick OOC post. This is important so people know not to continue interacting with your character.

Gallery Section[edit | edit source]

Incorporating Fan Art and Cosplay

  • Create Infobox gallery. Self-explanatory. Need a switch parameter for whether it's a personal gallery (for their own art) or a community gallery (for art of a particular type/theme). cf. the Usage parameter from Element infoboxes. Switches the creator parameter to display either Owner: Username or Curator: Username.
    • Personal Gallery: All are welcome to browse this gallery, but only the owner may upload new images to it.
    • Community Gallery: All are welcome to upload their own images to this gallery on the theme specified by the curator.
  • Galleries will be created in the mainspace, with discussion on the standard talk page. All will be done with the <gallery> tag.

New Categories[edit | edit source]

Unconfirmed, may need to rework/reorder/rename them:

  • Fan Art (with See also: Category:Images at the top)
    • Artists A to Z
    • Cosplayers A to Z
    • Galleries A to Z
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